Friday, September 5, 2008

4 sept 2008, flagey and new friend PAZ

must-try if you are in brussels, good fries with good sauce!
alba told me that i have to meet her friend, Paz, which means peace. she is cool and is working in brussels as a graphics designer.

we had dinner here at this pizza place, called mamma roma, very tasty!! crispy!
had a great time today!THX Paz

around bains

dinner/meeting at bains

luea, busy cooking for us...thx!!

DIY lights

arent they cool?in a DIY shop in Brussels

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Street ART in Brussels

POP ART meets Street ART. ST GILLS area in Brussels

Paulo medium format print of me

I really like this shot. we were in an old brewery in Brussels.

Bojana /zoo

she is wearing my shades
a day at the zoo...

look at this tree man
zoo in Antwerp is in the city... very interesting...zoo is not big and does not have 900 over animals unless u count the humans and the ants in....and elephant is considered 20 animals . a bit too pricy and not much to see. Highlight is the Silver back gorilla. cost to go in is 17.50 euros each pax.

Antwerpen 29aug to 1 sept

First meal there...
At a store called :fish and chips...artist at work....
cool display in the store
many nice streetwear but abit too pricy...
Me wearing Bojana shades..hehe...she came down from Brussels for just 5 hrs+

Leaving Amsterdam.

Chinese rest in Grote Market in Brussels. The deco is quite :cool: i like the lamp on the tank

Bought my paints for the live painting this Sun 7 Sept 2008 .

Postcard time

me writing my postcard in a irhish pub

*******Closing ceremony of Beijing Olympics 2008*****on TV


Dali and his pet
Van Gogh before his ear is gone
A closer look at Picasso

A cool art space , de appel in Amsterdam. worth a visit

walking in amsterdam

look at the beautiful sky
Anne Frank writing her book
Picasso and me at an opening...

Piet Mondriaan showing me his works...

haring, i tried, famous in Amsterdam. need some time to get used to the taste. quite good, very fresh, eat with pickles and onions.

Amsterdam 22 -25 AUG 2008

Canals ....many many
Meeting with Blender institute
it was a nice area...its an old warehouse, now converted to homes and small offices. Canal view!!